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Hours: Open at 9:00 a.m. weekdays.  Close at 2:00 Monday through Thursday and 12:00 noon on Friday. Al-anon meets Wednesday afternoon at 5:30.

Location/Directions: We are located at 97 Blake St. which is between Pine and Ash St. in Lewiston, Maine – one block from the city post office,and Kennedy Park, and a two block walk from the city bus station stop.

Our parking lot can be accessed by either Bates or Blake St.  Our wing is in the parking lot behind the Healey Terrace building.  Look for the big sign with a sunflower on it – that’s our door. Our parking spaces are the 5 spaces along the one story wing.

Who We Are:  The Center functions as a grassroots collaborative of women who work together to break their isolation and build community toward the bettering and enriching of each others lives.  The Center strives to support women in:

  • becoming aware of their inner resources,
  • pursuing life affirming relationships, and
  • developing their potential.

Building CommunityThe Center accomplishes its mission by providing activities, programs and support groups, in and through community, by building partnerships with businesses, other agencies and service providers, and through advocacy on behalf of women.

The primary value that underlies all the work of the center is respect.  Women of all races, ethnicity, classes, religions, backgrounds, abilities are welcomed and valued for who they are. Each woman is treated with dignity and in a way that honors her as a unique individual.

ActivitiesWhat We Do:  The Center is open weekdays and provides a wide range of activities, programs & groups, an opportunity to meet and network with others, assistance in finding resources in the area, encouragement and support toward healthy life choices, a safe and hospitable place for women who desire companionship, and a warm place during the cold of winter. Through deep and compassionate listening, engagement with the arts and through community life, we tend to the spirit of women who come, doing so in a way that honors all faith traditions.

ExpressionCurrent regular programs designed to gather women together include various arts and crafts, game days, and a writing workshop.  Specific programs, all with a focus on positive growth and change, are offered monthly, many in partnership with other area agencies.  Topics have included nutrition, women’s health, budgeting, and spirituality. Several small groups focus on wellness & self esteem and we have an Al-Anon & a Fibromyalgia Support Group.  We have sponsored several special events, field trips to area theater and galleries, and a retreat weekend. One on one conversations that focus on spirituality or wellness are regularly available. Coffee & Tea is always on.

Our Primary Value: Respect is the primary value in our work at the center.  It is not always easy to define. We especially wrestle with the issue as we experience new women coming to the center, many who bring differing backgrounds into our midst. As part of our ongoing effort to hold this center as a sacred and safe place for ALL women – we consciously and regularly address the topic of respect. Comments from our graffiti mural on the topic:


  • Listening to others with open ears.
  • Putting others before yourself.
  • Honesty, friendship, kindness.
  • Giving space to each other.
  • Don’t talk about people.
  • Say excuse me, thank you, please.
  • Treating others as your equals.
  • Not talking down to people.
  • Sharing food even when I want to eat the whole plate of brownies myself.
  • Helping when someone needs it.
  • Everyone is equal.


  • Hitting, kicking, stealing.
  • Making fun of people.
  • Yelling, screaming.
  • Me! Me! Me!
  • Interrupting.
  • Taking things that aren’t yours.
  • Using the last roll of toilet paper and not telling someone to get more.
  • Doing things for other people they can do themselves.
  • Competition.
  • Using your cell phone or laptop during a group program.




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