What a difference a day makes, and a haircut. As new year activity, we arranged for 12 free haircuts or manicures at the local beauty school. Six women could go one afternoon, six more a week later. Amber has straight dyed blond hair, which with time shows dark roots. She doesn’t trust anyone messing with…

The Heart Truth

ED NOTE:  We had two wonderful student nurses with us every Thursday this year.  They did blood pressure and weight checks, consulted about meds and general health questions.  Both women fit right in and made a huge contribution. They will be away this summer and return in the fall.  We will miss them! This is…


Each Monday morning we have a Writing Workshop.  The women gather over “Marvelous Morning Munchies” (with real brewed coffee) and pick a topic to write about.  They write for 10 minutes, then read to each other what they wrote.  They then offer positive comments about what they liked in the story. At the end of…



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