Favorite Poems

Amanda (l) with Companions Pat and Sarah, and volunteer Diana. Here is a list of our favorite poems from this year’s Tuesday Poetry Lunch.  Amanda Solche comes each week with a poem.  Yesterday was her last day for this school year.  She will be back in the fall.  Thank you Amanda for sharing these words…

The Center

Women’s faces, Seeking….. Peace Acceptance Embraces? Women’s eyes Searching….. Fearful, Courageous, Wise. A step through the door Means a step to new life; Breathing freely Finding others Learning new ways Beginning new days Seeing oneself in a different light. Who are these women? They are you and me Waiting for someone To say we belong…

For Women

For women abused, and women used, For women in tears and women with fears, For women neglected and women not respected, For women despised and women patronized, For women here and women everywhere, May they know Your loving presence among them, through us.    Amen. -by Sr. Maureen Hurley, DW


Sisters – by Bonnie My sister Sue – she died of cancer. My sister Darlene – she’s loving life. My sister Joyce – she makes me laugh. My sister Kathy – is my friend. My sister Keri – is my friend too. My sister Sue – I’ve known four years. My sister Lore – she…



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