We are open every weekday at 9:00.

On Monday through Thursday we close at 2:00, Friday’s close at noon.

We are closed all federal holidays, the week between Christmas and New Year and the week after Easter, and a few other times for staff days.  The snow policy is that if Lewiston schools are closed, we are closed. We do run on mostly a volunteer staff, and if we are short staffed may need to close. When in doubt, please check our calendar or call.


Please check our calendar for a listing of programs scheduled each month! In addition, we also offer several ongoing groups.

ART VAN visits us the last Wednesday of every month.  It is a mobile art therapy program out of Bath, ME.

A Singing Circle meets on the evening of every solstice and equinox, from 6-8:00.  No experience needed, you don’t need to read music. We sing simple, repetitive songs. Also a Quiet Day is scheduled on Saturdays nearest solstice and equinox.

Al-anon meets Wednesday evenings at 5:30 for an hour.  This is a group in the AA tradition for those who are or have been in a relationship with people who are alcoholic (or otherwise addicted).  We are the only Al-anon meeting in Lewiston.  There are three others in Auburn.

The BLT Group meets the last Thursday of each month at 3:00.  This is a support group tor bisexual, lesbian, transgendered women and their friends.

We are planning to start a Trauma Support group through Health Affiliates, and looking for someone to sponsor a Women For Sobriety group.  We are open to sponsoring or hosting other support groups as well.  If you would like to start a group, or use our building for a group, please contact us!





CWW Expands Companion Program

The Center for Wisdom’s Women is seeking to expand its volunteer Companion program.  Companions serve as a non-anxious and non-judgmental listening presence at the Center and are the primary persons responsible for maintaining the safe and respectful environment at the Center. Companions come with a background in fields such as social work, teaching, spiritual direction,… Continue Reading



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