We are open every weekday at 9:00.

On Monday through Thursday we close at 2:00, Friday’s close at noon.

We are closed all federal holidays, the week between Christmas and New Year and the week after Easter, and a few other times for staff days.  The snow policy is that if Lewiston schools are closed, we are closed. We do run on mostly a volunteer staff, and if we are short staffed may need to close. When in doubt, please check our calendar or call.


Please check our calendar for a listing of programs scheduled each month! In addition, we also offer several ongoing groups.

The Full Moon Singing Circle meets on the evening of every full moon, from 6-8:00.  No experience needed, you don’t need to read music. We sing simple, repetitive songs.

Al-anon meets Wednesday evenings at 5:30 for an hour.  This is a group in the AA tradition for those who are or have been in a relationship with people who are alcoholic (or otherwise addicted).  We are the only Al-anon meeting in Lewiston.  There are three others in Auburn.

The BLT Group meets the last Thursday of each month at 3:00.  This is a support group tor bisexual, lesbian, transgendered women and their friends.

We are open to sponsoring or hosting other support groups.  If you would like to start a group, or use our building for a group, please contact us!





Website Changes

We are presently updating our website to fit the growing needs of our community. We hope to be finished very soon. Thanks for your patience during this process. If you would like to download or view a copy of our February Calendar, Click Here.

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, which this year celebrates a 100th anniversary. From the IWD website: It is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women’s Day is a national holiday.  Why? Suffragettes campaigned for women’sContinue Reading

CWW Expands Companion Program

The Center for Wisdom’s Women is seeking to expand its volunteer Companion program.  Companions serve as a non-anxious and non-judgmental listening presence at the Center and are the primary persons responsible for maintaining the safe and respectful environment at the Center. Companions come with a background in fields such as social work, teaching, spiritual direction,Continue Reading



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