Writers Workshop; every Monday 10-11:30 am Quilting is fun but there is a lot of work.  Hats I made by hand and they are real pretty; one yellow with some flowers on it and one with a blue button on it and a bow.  I made dolls and paintings.  And I made cards on paperContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 8/25/2014

We live in Turner, out in the puckabrush.  Around 4:30-7:00 the deer come out.  We use binoculars and watch the deer kick up their heels.  It is so much enjoyment.  Our dog lays down and watches them too.  She never bothers them. We sit on the bench, smell the phlox and enjoy the night airContinue Reading

Writer’s Workshop 8/27/12

Heroes, by Laura Many people think of heroes as firemen who run into a burning house to save a trapped child, policemen who risk their lives facing down armed criminals, doctors who perform life-saving surgery and others whose heroic deeds end up in the newspaper or on TV news programs. But there are other heroes whoContinue Reading

Writer’s Workshop, 8/25/2010

Spirit Dancer by TariLea Up on the wings of the Eagle I fly Over the trees and past, into the horizon, Into the blue sky – Where I am free of everyday drama. No Form. I soar to the heavens, Free from all that is. No illness, no pain, no illusions. Just freedom, to become OneContinue Reading

Writer’s Workshop 5/21/12

WHAT DO I SEE IN FRONT OF ME?   – Anonymous I see many white things.  Those things would be an apartment building that has at least 20 window, painted lines, arrows, and crosswalks along with frames of the windows and doors, and the porches and poles at Healey Terrace.  The signs on the piece ofContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 3/5/12

Ed Note:  Today the group read the children’s book Something Beautiful by Sharon Dennis Wyeth.  They then wrote a story about something beautiful. The most beautiful thing I can think of is hope.  Hope that spring will soon come, even though the wind is blowing, a gale and snow is falling so fast and heavyContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 8/15/11

A Memorable Trip  – by Laura In the spring of 1972 my sister, brother-in-law, 2 year old nephew, mother and I took a trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  We were all feeling excited when we packed our cooler and picnic basket into the van and took our seats.  It was a beautifulContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 6/20/11

The Greatest Gift I Know – by Laura The greatest gift I know of is the gift of language, both written and spoken.  My own language, English, is, or at least can be, absolutely beautiful when used correctly. It has so many nuances and shades and possibilities that one would be hard pressed to runContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 6/6/11

If I Could Write a Book or Play   – by Laura If I wrote a play it would be about a woman struggling with mental illness.  I would show her as a person first, not as a case number in a computer.  There are many misconceptions about mental illness and people who have it.  MentalContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 5/9/11

My Imaginary Garden  -by Laura “Mary, Mary quite contrary” is the beginning of a children’s poem about a magical garden, but my garden would not have “cockle shells and silver bells and pretty maids all in a row.”  Instead it would be more like a miniature forest with dwarf pine and maple trees no moreContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 5/2/11

How I Get Up In The Morning I get up very carefully because when I wake up I usually have at least one cat asleep on me.  And another by my legs.  They act like it’s a chore to get up and move so I can get up and move.  Usually in a hurry toContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 4/4/11

Something That Really Annoys Me – Laura Starbird Something that really annoys me is snow in April.  It should be a time of green grass and the first spring flowers, of bird song and newly opened leaves on the trees.  But this year Mother Nature played an April fools joke on us by sending usContinue Reading

Writers Workshop 3/28/11

My Favorite Animal -Kathy W At the moment, Rascal is my favorite animal.  She likes getting on my left shoulder.  Purr, purr, purr.  She goes to James for goodies.  When he rattles the bag she comes running.  She likes to play with straws and mild bottle caps.  She has a favorite toy mouse.  And sheContinue Reading

Writer’s Workshop 1/10/2011

IN A PERFECT WORLD The Writing Group used a book by Robert Bender called Lime Beans Would be Illegal: Children’s Ideas of a Perfect World. It is a wonderful collection of the thoughts of children about what a perfect world would look like. One of the members of the group shared the book, and weContinue Reading



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